Healthy and Easy One-Dish Meals

Spring is here! It doesn't feel like it here in the Northeast.  Some areas still have snow on the ground.  In fact, as I write this, snow is falling gently outside.  I cannot wait for the warmer weather to finally be here so that we can start enjoying the longer days.  With the change of the season, I like to change up my weeknight recipes.  And of course, because I want to enjoy the longer days and warmer weather (whenever the warm weather gets here), I like simple one-dish meals.

When I tried scouring the web for healthy, one-dish recipes, I often encounter carb-heavy dishes with pasta or rice or dishes with cheese or dairy.  For me, healthy means a meal that is heavy on the vegetables, with lean or grass-fed protein, some good fats (low fat isn't always a good thing) and healthy carbs.  White pasta or rice is a no-no.  I also stay away from cheesy recipes or dishes with dairy because my teenage son cannot have dairy.  It frustrates me when I look for healthy recipes and get these recipes carb heavy, low veggie meals.  That's why I decided to do another recipe round up.  This time, it is healthy one-dish meals.

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Sometimes, I use this chicken sausage or I use our own homemade pork sausage.

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You can serve this as-is or with brown rice or cauliflower rice.

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Photo Credit: Paleo Bailey

AANNNDDD, what's dinner without dessert?  My latest love is this Hazelnut Frozen Yogurt from my favorite dessert blogger.
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Do you have your favorite one-dish meal?  I'd like to know what it is even if you don't think it's healthy.  I might include its healthier version in a future blog post.


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