Countdown to 4-0

     This weekend, I worked on my Life Plan with the help of the book, Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want.   I had to determine what my priorities are.  These priorities are called "Life Accounts."  One of my Life Accounts is... drum roll please... my Health and Fitness.  I have been told I am too obsessed with my fitness bordering making it my false idol.  I am thankful for my well meaning friend that pointed it out, but I do have to disagree.  Yes, I talk a lot about health and fitness on my page, but it's because it is one of my passions or as social media lingo would call it, my niche.  And yes, my health is a priority for me.  I have been given this ONE body and I need to take care of it.

   When I took the time to take an assessment of my life accounts, one of which was my health and fitness, I was faced with the realization that in the last couple of months I have drifted in that area, particularly the eating department.  I can come up with excuses about why I drifted but I wont do that.  All I know is that I am turning 40 this December, and I want to be in the best shape of my life.

    I KNOW what I need to do to do it the healthy way and now I have to do it. I know that fitness is not a puishment, it's a blessing; and nutrition isn't restrictive, it's healing.  It is more than just eating healthy and working out.  It is going for my yearly physical (which I am on pretty good about) as well as my yearly women doctor visit (ok, I was reminded by my doctor to schedule this because it has been a year and three months since my last visit).  It is (GULP) seeing my dentist regularly.  It is taking time to de-stress including taking a social media break, and even scheduling a massage for my hard working muscles. 

    I will be scheduling my overdue doctor and dentist visits this week, which will take care of those.  BUT I need accountability to stay on track with my healthy eating.   I scaled back on my challenge groups in 2017 because I didn't want to bug and pressure people to join my groups, but here's the truth: I NEED THESE ACCOUNTABILITY GROUPS as much as others do.  So, as part of my Action Plan for this particular life account, with the short term goal of LOOKING AWESOMELY FIT at 40, instead of holding different challenge groups throughout the year, I will be forming a year long challenge group. And yes, I'll be reaching out to everyone I know to join me on this journey because I NEED YOUR HELP TO HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE.   I will open it up every quarter for those who want to jump in. 

     Do you want to be a part of my Fit for 2018 group?  I'd love for you to join me  (and I mean that because I kinda need you to join me).  I will be kicking it off on January 15.  Please complete this form if you'd like to be in this group.

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