5 Healthier Halloween Treats

The other night, we watched It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  It occurred to me that Halloween is fast approaching.  This means candy and sweets galore!

You and your family (and co-workers) can totally indulge without overdosing on junk food.  Last year, I LOVED that my son's 4th grade teacher stuck with healthier party food for all her class parties.  J and I made apple muffins together and they were delicious. Sorry, I can't find the photo.  I am challenging myself to stick with healthier options for Halloween school celebrations.

I searched for Healthy Halloween treats and was pretty surprised at some of the things that people labelled as healthy.  Fruit with marshmallows?? NOT HEALTHY! Hotdog wrapped with mozzarella cheese (mummy hotdogs)?!?! NOPE! Not even if it's "low fat turkey hot dog."  GOOD GRIEF!

So, since I've already done the research, I figured I'll pass along what I consider healthy- minimal sugar, no processed food!  If you are searching for healthier options, I've rounded up 5 fairly simple Healthier Halloween recipes just for you! ENJOY!

 Image Credit: Texanarian.com


Image Credit: floandgrace.com

Image Credit: Cook Eat Paleo

Image Credit: Cook Eat Paleo

Spider Eggs
 You can make these Spider Eggs using this deviled eggs recipe and using olives for make the spider.

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