I really did not want to write this.  It is embarrassing...

I ran to the garbage can and spit out the sour cream and onion chips.  How did that happen?  I stared at the empty bowl that held a bowl of ice cream a few minutes ago.  That was my breakfast- ice cream and potato chips.  Me- the self proclaimed "fitness enthusiast," the one people went to for help with their fitness.  I had ice cream and chips for breakfast.  I was in a slump that day.  Another very bad case of the blahs.  Woke up late.  Didn't have time to spend time with God.  One son missed his bus and I felt like a failure as a mom.  I had my sister's upcoming bridal shower and I panicked that I may have failed in ironing out the details and the shower was going to be a complete embarrassment.  My ice cream debacle screamed "FRAUD! FRAUD! FRAUD!" in my head.  I was an emotional mess- on the border of self loathing and self pity. LOVELY.  Read the entire post on the Read Pray Move blog.



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